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Plastic wrap

Plastic wrap

In this category you will find all transparent plastic packagings. Boites for cooked dishes, salad bowls, milking packagings as well as fresh hats but also tea bulb cups, pots for sauces, cellophane bags for pralines and confectionery.


  • 3D mugs

    3D ice cream pots for children, paw patrol figurines, dinosaur, princess, pirate, looney tunes, unicorn, farm animals, sea animals... Collect them all!

  • Secure buckets

    In this category you will find seaux with secure lids for daddy beard, pralines or liquorice as well as confectionery.

  • Gourdes Fantaisie

    Discover a wide range of promotional and original fancy packagings.Water bottles with palm tree lids, animal figurines or even balloons.

  • Sauce pots

    Transparent plastic packaging. Pots with lids for Nutella chocolate or caramel sauces as well as ketchup and mayonnaise seasonings.

  • Cups and Lids

    Containers with domed lids for bubble tea, frozen desserts or sorbets.

  • Sachet Transparent

    In this category you will find transparent plastic bags as well as cellophane packagings for pralines and confectionery.

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